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Nathan Orton is writing this in the 3rd person, because that's what famous comedians seem to do on their websites. Nathan can be described as honest, silly, and dark (see the video below from 2018 - he's gotten a lot better and will get a new video up soon). Nathan's peer's describe him as extremely hard working but this makes him uncomfortable, because he is insecure. But, objectively, Nathan has won several comedy competitions, including the 'Best of STL' at both the Funny Bone and Helium Comedy Club, 'Comedy's Best Kept Secret Tour, and 'the World Series of Comedy' - Indianapolis. Nathan has also written for two Comedy Central Roasts. Oh, Nathan has also opened for some huge names, such as John Witherspoon (RIP) and Dave Attell. Nathan is currently living in NYC where he is 'grinding' as they say on self-help videos but you wouldn't know that because he isn't famous. With that said, if you come to a show that Nathan Orton is on, you will most likely laugh and then hopefully get laid later that night.



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